Toxics Release Inventory Facility Search

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* See Search Tips Below *

Search Tips

  • Enter or select values in the field(s) you want to search. You may use any combination of upper case (capital) and/or lower case letters.

  •  Address searches will find addresses that CONTAIN the values you enter.

  • WILDCARD Search - you may add a '%' (per cent sign, without quotes) character at the front of any search string to return all records that contain the search string anywhere in the corresponding field. Please note: The address field automatically is a wildcard search.

  • There may be instances where abbreviations are used. For example, a facility located on US Route 13 may have reported using "ROUTE 13" or "RT 13" may need to try searching on several strings.

  • Use either: city, zip, or county.Searching with multiple field entries may result in an error.

  • If no data is entered into any of the boxes on the search form, the search will default to finding all facilities within the database. Be patient...this may take awhile.